A New Era for the Spanish Language

The New Grammar of the Spanish Language was presented today by the Royal Spanish Academy. With it, the Spanish language has finally achieved true global maturity. It is a milestone as it truly reflects our common language, spoken all over the world, instead of deeming one regional variant the norm.

The New Grammar of the Spanish Language

This is a topic so vast that I’d better keep it short, to the point, and therefore sweet enough to better savor the moment. An occasion which I consider truly historic: finally, after more than eleven years of hard work by the dedicated people commissioned by the Royal Spanish Academy to produce a new, up-to-date and unified Grammar, almost eighty years since the previous official release of 1931, a new but above all truly common framework for our common language has been officially presented today, this December 10th, ready to reach out and serve a worldwide audience.

The formal presentation deserved its bit of pomp and circumstance, yet even His Majesty was notably apprised of the significance this new reference work holds in its four thousand pages.

I can only refer to the Academy’s pertinent webpage at this point; soon, I hope to place my order for a personal copy of this milestone achievement, which for the first time now truly reflects, describes, nurtures and guides a global language as it is spoken around the world, meaning that (unlike all prior editions) the untenable pretense of considering Spanish as spoken in Spain “normative” for the entire language has been dropped. Good riddance to that.

In a cinematographic nod, I’d give this new Grammar a working subtitle of Welcome to a Whole New World, Reloaded.

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