I am Álvaro Degives Más, a Certified Court Interpreter & Translator, and I welcome you to my little corner of the web. I provide in-person interpreter services and translation, transcription, localization and linguistic project management services. As a language professional, I am rigorously committed to precision, clarity & ethics and cognizant of the many considerations essential to effective cross-cultural communications. Linguistics has been a life-long interest and the mastery of multiple languages a continuing endeavor. My heritage is multicultural and I’ve resided in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Morocco and the United States. My first languages were Spanish, Dutch, English & German and I have engaged in the study of various others, including French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic. Prior to settling in the USA, I served as foreign media analyst, translator and spokesperson for a European embassy in The Hague. Since 2003, I have provided language services to the legal and business communities and various government entities. I hold certification by the Judicial Council of the State of California as a Court Interpreter for the Spanish/English language pair, and am also registered as Court Interpreter for the Dutch/English language pair, with federal certification pending. Language and culture are inextricably linked. It’s often said that the United States and Britain are separated by a common language, which also applies to other nations that share a language – with countless variations. While there is commonality, there is also substantial diversity in culture and language, of which the professional is knowledgeable and respectful. I consistently strive for linguistic perfection, which is particularly crucial when dealing with profession or industry specific terminology, as well as colloquialisms. Many individuals have some degree of proficiency in languages other than their native tongues, however, the differences between such persons and language professionals are vast. Retaining the services of one possessing the requisite background, knowledge, skills and ethics avoids what can be disastrous and costly consequences. Please use the above links for more detailed information regarding services provided and to contact me personally. Existing clients may use this site to schedule services. My blog contains occasional musings regarding my trade and applied language issues in general. On the right are links to language-related organizations with which I’m associated. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to providing the quality language services you require.