Angry Euro Haikus

After a somewhat premature Nobel peace prize awarded essentially for not having a certain name, now it’s seemingly fashionable also to award a movie maker prize for being a convicted sex offender on the run. Oh, the unbearable petulance of blind morality…

I had almost sworn to myself not to post any politically tinted items here but… Let’s just shush my own objections with the argument that it’s all in the name of celebrating international linguistic freedom.

Here’s one about some Norwegians still in the throes of last year’s Oktoberfest:

snow blind committee
praising the peace of a name
not rhyming with ‘tush’

Here’s a fitting, recent counterpoint about some Germans with Norwegian wood for brains:

silver bears for peds
ich bin doch kein Berliner
spring your moral rose

What is wrong with some people… The Eurovision Song Contest and la Cicciolina, MP are much more enjoyable instances of fellow European self-deprecating humor!

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