Annoying spelling errors in Samsung TV ads aired in the US

Annoying spelling errors in English language Samsung Galaxy Note TV advertising aired in the USA.

For quite a while now, I am seeing Samsung advertisements aired here in Reno – and I trust elsewhere, too – hawking some phone, purportedly of the smart type. It points out that even the included pen is so smart that it has its own brain! Unfortunately however its makers are less so gifted, considering the curious errors displayed fairly prominently, starting at the 42nd second of this ad:


Did you see that? Here is the screen shot:

Life needs more than texts, smiley-faces, and xoxo's

What’s that unnecessary hyphen doing in “smiley-faces”? Why did nobody notice the absurd apostrophe placed in “xoxo’s” to indicate a plural as used in Dutch after an ending vowel but not in English? Life needs more than xoxo’s what, exactly? Does texting with Samsung’s phones (not to be confused with Samsung-phones) negatively impact one’s ability to properly write English?

How much was the agency paid for that unchecked copy? How come that ad is aired so many times with those glaring errors apparently going undetected by Samsung?


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