Google art: minimalist story telling

Google has an in-house ad agency that developed some strikingly simple ads for their search product, that convey a world of emotion in a powerful, compact message.

No matter how different the new paths chosen, it’s hard to undo oneself, casting off a previous longstanding experience in a given profession. That’s why I still have a soft spot for advertising – sorry: marketing communication. Whenever I see an ad that “does it” for me, I still have that admiration by proxy: dang that’s clever…

Now, Google has developed a few fairly minimalist ads, featuring their flagship product: searches. Try and come up with something enticing, just by showing the search function at work. No dialog. No spoken text to accompany the touted product. See what I mean? Bone dry stuff.

Not so.

One of them in particular is a real gem, a tiny, ultra-compressed universe of human experience. And once again, I have that feeling of admiration for brilliance unleashing in just a few seconds a world of emotion, surrounding their core message, which unsurprisingly condenses into “use our product” but actually makes you feel good for a moment, bringing a smile yo your lips.

Powerful stuff. See for yourself:


Good huh? The power of communicating so much with so little… I think it’s a source of inspiration. Now let’s see what their anticipated Super Bowl ad looks like, later today.

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