Open Letter to CWA Local 39521

Dear colleague,

Please read this, in particular the comments underneath it:

I don’t know and frankly I don’t even CARE at this point anymore to know who or what is behind that website. But given its deliberate choice of name and obvious implication, it’s inescapable that the person or persons behind it pose as somehow representative of our local, and not our most directly representing professional body, i.e. CFI.

That being the case, I am hereby seeking an unambiguous statement of formal position from the local’s executive, concerning that website.

Either it is sanctioned, or it is disavowed.

Hopefully it is needless to say that, if it sanctions it, I will immediately revoke my membership of this union and seek a more suitable agent to represent me at the negotiation table with the region. I’m just sending this email to you for your entertainment, information and judgment.

Feel free to disagree – just don’t ignore it, please. And: as you can tell from my comments and this email, I believe that one’s signature lends more credibility to one’s opinion.

With my professional regards as always,

Álvaro Degives-Más

California Certified Court Interpreter (Spanish / English) #301488
California Registered Court Interpreter (Dutch / English) #700688
(209) 553-8393

PS: In the event that the website or the specific page becomes unavailable, as referenced in my link above, here is a screenshot of that same page with the comments placed underneath it – click to view the image:

Hey  CFI–Stop trying to take over the local Pacific Media Workers (2014-02-04)

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